Teething Toddler? I am here to help.

Teething Toddler? I am here to help.

Hi friends and happy Monday!

As a first time mom I sometimes need a little guidance when it comes to new stages in Naila’s life.  I always do a lot of research and I love to share what I learn with other moms because who doesn’t need a little guidance in their life?!!


Today I am going to share with you all the items that have helped us make teething easier as we go because the journey is not over yet. 🙂

First item- is probably our favorite so far, it is the Baltic Amber Teething Necklace. This necklace helps to reduce fussiness  and drooling.

Second item- is the Nuby Pop Tray.  This frozen pop tray helps by making it possible to make frozen popsicles out of anything for baby.  You can use fruit, breast milk and much more.  Anything frozen helps soothe you baby’s gums.

Third item- are the Happy Baby Organic Teethers these have to be Naila’s favorite.  🙂  She loves these crunchy snacks.

Lastly our fourth item- is the Baby Banana Bendable Toothbrush.  This one started off as a training tooth brush but can also be used as a teething toy.  So any teething toy of your preference should work just fine to help with teething.  One thing that I have noticed though is that babie’s get tired of anything easily so keep a few options on hand. 🙂

This concludes my blog post for today!  If you have any questions at all please ask. 🙂

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Baby Girl Favorite Accessories

Baby Girl Favorite Accessories

I hope everyone had an amazing 4th of July.  We definitely did! 🙂  Enjoy the slide show below.

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Today I will be sharing some of the most useful accessories that we use daily with Miss Naila.

1. Pacifier Clips:


Pacifier clips always keep her pacifier from touching the floor, they can also be used to hold teething toys.  These specific ones we’ve had for a few months, they are durable and cute.


2. Baby Bling Bows:


Baby Bling Bows are Naila’s signature piece she wears one almost every day.  They make any outfit look amazing.

3. Amber Teething Necklace:


Baltic Amber Teething Necklace is amazing for teething babies.  It is an anti-flammatory and it helps reduce drooling, teething pain, and helps with fussiness.

The scrunchies that we used for her hair in the picture above are linked here.


This concludes today’s blog post.

Thank you so much for supporting my blog.  Don’t forget to make a commitment to yourself to grow daily! 🙂