First Birthday Gift Ideas

First Birthday Gift Ideas

Happy Wednesday amazing readers!  Today I wanted to share my ideas of amazing gifts for first birthday’s.  🙂  Naila recently turned one and we celebrated with a family and friend brunch at Bread Winners Cafe and Bakery, a delicious brunch place.  We had so much fun and most importantly we celebrated my baby being here for a whole year already.  🙂  Thinking about how quickly time goes by is a little sad.  But seeing her become more and more independent every day makes me feel like an amazing mother.  This whole experience is just bittersweet.


“Dear daughter,  if I could give you one thing in life, I would give you the ability to see yourself through my eyes.  Only then you would realize how special you are to me.” XOXO

The gifts that you should purchase for a 1-year-old. 🙂

  1. Wooden Blocks are great for developing problem-solving and perception skills.  These will also keep them entertained for a while. 
  2. Melissa & Doug Puzzle, this brand makes such amazing toys and puzzle’s for kids.  Here is another puzzle and here is Naila’s personal favorite.  Puzzle’s are great because they encourage hand-eye coordination and imaginative play.
  3. First 100 Words Board Book , Naila loves this book.  It contains 100 words along with 100 pictures.  🙂  Toddlers love pictures!
  4. Disposable Bibs are perfect for when going out to eat with a toddler, you can use them and dispose of them and they take up very little space in your diaper bag or purse.
  5. Disposable place mats these are perfect to use on any table if you don’t want a mess or if you don’t want your baby to eat of the table.  You can also use them and then dispose of them.
  6. A straw cup that is spill proof because anything that is spill proof with a toddler is a must.  Naila has this specific one it is amazing and it is definitely spill proof.
  7. Another great idea is a Shaded wagon, this would be very used by the parents and the toddler will definitely enjoy the ride.
  8. Or you can also get a Push car, these are fun as well.

This concludes my blog post for today!

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