Taking Indoor Pictures

Taking Indoor Pictures

Hi friends it has been a while since I posted here on my blog.  I will try my best to post more often.  🙂 As many of you know Naila is a Small Shop brand rep on Instagram which means that I have to take pictures of her almost every day to showcase outfits and bows.

The weather here is Texas changes a lot, on the days that it is cold or rainy I do indoor pictures.  I had decided that we were going to quit brand repping for the winter because the lighting inside of our home is terrible for pictures and outside would be too cold to even attempt to take pictures.

Lighting Kit Picture

Luckily another Brand Rep mom recommended a lighting kit on Amazon that is inexpensive and guess what?!  It works! 🙂  This lighting kit has made me one happy mom because I can continue to do what I enjoy doing which is dressing up my doll and taking pictures of her year round.  I will link the lighting kit here Photography Photo Portrait Studio lighting kit, it comes with a carrying/ storing bag to make it easier to store or even take along with you.

This photo was taken with the lighting kit this morning.

By the way if you are wondering if the lighting kit is difficult to put together, it isn’t at all.  Follow my little’s account on Instagram @nailamaritim.

This concludes my blog post for today!  If you have any questions at all please ask. 🙂

Thank you so much for supporting my blog.  Don’t forget to make a commitment to yourself to grow daily! 🙂