Toddler and Infant Oral Health

Toddler and Infant Oral Health

Happy Tuesday amazing people!  Today I will be sharing tips and items that we use to keep Naila’s gums and teeth squeaky clean.  🙂qotd

It is important to take care of your child’s oral health from birth, even if they don’t have teeth yet you should still wipe their gums with this along with warm water after each feeding.  We personally took Naila to her first dentist appointment when she was 6 months old and continue to take her every 3 months since then.

Naila didn’t have any teeth until a little before she turned 1 year old.  Her 2 bottom and 2 top teeth decided to come out at the same time.

Her 4 little cute teeth. 🙂

Since then we have been brushing her teeth and gums daily with this toothbrush and this toothpaste, these are both amazing products.  The toothpaste that we use is free of fluoride and it is safe if swallowed.  Naila is good with letting me brush her teeth, she always does it with a smile. 🙂  I am truly a lucky mom.  For sanitary purposes we store her toothbrush in Flipper Animal World Flipper Cover.

Parents beware of the amount of juice that your baby is consuming daily.  Sugar can cause tooth decay in babies quickly since their teeth are naturally more sensitive than that of adults because it can take several years for the enamel on newly emerged teeth to harden after baby teeth have been lost.  Children who drink sodas and sports drinks are at a greater risk for cavities and enamel loss than those who do not.  Water is a must always, for children and adults.


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